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Cannabis has made quite a sweep of acceptance in the last few years. From recreational legality to medical usage, marijuana has found its place in many people’s lives.

There are a ton o health benefits tied within this plant which one reason the popularity is soaring!

Here are 10 Fast Facts about cannabis you may not know.

  1. Medical Marijuana was Approved in 2003

In 2003, Canada was the first documented country to allow medical marijuana to treat patients for pain.

Can you believe that was already 17 years ago?

  1. Street Names A-Plenty, Try Over 200 of Them!

Cannabis has well over 200 slang terms. Here are just a few:
Plant Based Names: Grass, Weed, Broccoli
You’re Old Friend Names: Mary Jane, Bud, Burnie
Cultural Terms: Kif, Mota, Ganja, Dagga
Location-Based: Northern Lights, Maui Wowie
Pretty Direct: Joint, Blunt, Reefer
Smell: Skunk, Stinkweed

  1. Marijuana Can Kill Cancer Cells

Cannabis and their compounds have been proven to “turn off” the ID-1 gene (this gene causes cancer to spread), as reported by Pierre Desprez, a molecular biologist.

  1. Chocolate & Marijuana Share a Commonality

Anandamide, also known as the “bliss molecule” is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter within the body that plays a role in pain, depression, appetite, and more.
Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine which stimulates the brain to produce more anandamide, ultimately raising mood levels.
Guess what else can bind to anandamide? Yes, you’ve got it, CBD and THC!

  1. Cannabis Is Also for Pets

Yes, you read that correctly. Cannabis’ health benefits don’t only apply to us as humans, they also show extreme benefits to your animal besties too.

From aiding in arthritis and pain management, cannabis has also shown to decrease seizures, nausea, anxiety and gastrointestinal issues. If we’re honest, we could go on for days about the benes!

  1. Men and Women ARE Different When it Comes to Marijuana

Females have been proven to develop a tolerance to THC quicker than males but are much more sensitive to the pain-relieving properties.

As for those munchies? Men seem to take the cake…in every sense of the phrase.

  1. Cannabis and Hops Share Family Ties

The cannabis plant as well as hops (found in beer) are related. They both share many of the same terpenes (compounds).

That’s why that beer you are drinking can have that skunky smell as does cannabis. We talk stunk in the best stink way possible, of course.

  1. CBD Won’t Get You High

Cannabidiol or CBD, one of the compounds found in cannabis will not get you “high.” The psychoactive compound that will alter states of mind is that of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

  1. Holding It In Longer Does Not = Getting More High

When smoking marijuana, holding it in longer does not get you more high, contrary to what you may have thought.

The lungs absorb the phytocannabinoids instantly and by you holding your breath while doing so has no effect.

You may feel “higher” for a moment, but that’s simply because your brain is depleted from oxygen while holding your breath…so…uhhh, don’t do that.

  1. Colorado Has Over 500 Dispensaries

Colorado is a decent size state, yes, but 520+ dispensaries! WOW!

This US state surpasses all other states with the number of facilities owned and operated.

This is almost three times the number of Starbucks. What else can we say besides…cannabis over coffee.

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