Cannabis, the nation’s most talked about and controversial natural drug is creating a canna-revolution! Aiding countless people with amazing health benefits, cannabis is the epitome of well-being.

Here are 10 health benefits of cannabis:

  1. Fight Cancer

Cannabis’ compounds have profound medicinal benefits that have been proven effective in fighting cancer!

Slow Cancer Growth – CBD alongside THC work together to interfere with the cell growth of cancer as well as any new blood vessel that feed tumors. 

Induces Apoptosis – Apoptosis is cell death. Targeting only the toxic cells and leaving healthy cells alone, CBD has shown to kill cancerous cells by switching off the expression of the ID-1 gene (a protein that plays a major role in cancer cell conducting).

  1. Regulate Seizures

Getting only a little scientific, CBD affects the neurotransmitters that are responsible for sending messages to the brain through CB1 receptors. This is done by altering the activity of the cells by switching how ions flow into and out of the neurons, ultimately subsiding convulsions. 

  1. Helps Treat Depression & Anxiety

Cannabis has been shown to have a positive interaction with the “happy” receptor within the brain called serotonin. By keeping serotonin levels balanced aids in equalizing feelings of depression.

In one study regarding human test subjects, a single 300mg dose of CBD was administered to patients and it offered a noticeable decrease in anxiety levels of the individuals.

  1. Stress Reliever

We all endure stress, but too much stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. This is where cannabis comes to the rescue.

Do note that cannabis will relieve stress with low doses of THC (higher doses could lead to panic and paranoia).

  1. Reducing Pain

As an analgesic, cannabis alleviates pain before, during and after physical activity. It can also reduce chronic pain, pain due to surgery as well as any other bodily pain. 

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Due to constant use of muscles, we may experience inflammation in numerous parts of our bodies for a host of different reasons. Both CBD and THC can be used as potent anti-inflammatory agents. 

  1. Helps with Pet Ailments

Pets are prone to a whole number of ailments just like we are. Anxiety, pain, liver disease, and cancer are just a few issues Sparky faces. CBD is a fantastic herbal remedy for pain management, therapeutic benefits and preventative care.

  1. Protect Brain

Athletes, specifically are highly prone to concussions and brain trauma. Studies show that the short-term neuroprotective effects of CBD can aid in the protection of some major organs as well as aiding in the treatment of concussions. 

  1. Stimulate Appetite

Ordinarily, when the stomach is empty, it releases a hormone called ghrelin to the brain which asserts the message to get something to eat. 

Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior findings suggest:

  • A dose of cannabis triggered the ghrelin hormone to be released within the body.
  • The brain responded to this dose of ghrelin in a small portion of the hypothalamus region of the brain. It actually changed the genetic activity of the brain cells that respond to this hormone. 
  • In the basal ganglia (group of neurons) in the brain it may enhance eating pleasure.
  1. Alleviate Nausea

Used as an antiemetic for cancer patients, and many individuals who experience nausea, cannabis is an effective natural remedy to control nausea and vomiting as it’s used as a tummy soothing aid.

Cannabis Health Benefits

The health benefits observed by cannabis are bountiful and vast. The above ten bene’s we’ve outlined are just a surface scratch on what and how this natural remedy will aid in overall well-being. Don’t just trust us…try it out for yourself.

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